Eating Addiction

September is National Childhood Obesity Prevention Month

Take a look at this great resource from the CDC to learn about ways to promote healthy growth in children and prevent obesity.

Is Your Struggle with Food an Addiction?

Researchers have said 95% of diets and exercise plans fail, but why? For many who struggle with weight, it’s not about willpower, self-discipline or laziness – it’s about addiction. Diets and exercise do not treat addiction.

Food Addiction Versus Eating Addiction

While it is common to hear people call themselves ‘chocoholics’, or claim to be ‘addicted’ to one particular food, eating addiction is far different. An eating addict becomes addicted to the process of overeating rather than a specific food itself. 

Why Can't I Stick to a Diet?

As a therapist specializing in food-addiction treatment, I have heard the stories. She stayed home from her high school reunion too embarrassed to attend having gained weight after having a couple of kids. He feels mortified on a plane when he realizes his overweight frame takes up part of the seat next to him. She longs to play with her grandchildren but finds it too difficult to get up from the floor. He hates using a C-pap machine but he has sleep apnea and snores so loudly he keeps his wife awake at night. She has Type-2 diabetes and pushes out the images of people with missing limbs, blindness and fear of stroke from her mind. At 23 she sits at home on a Friday night believing that if she could lose weight someone might ask her out on date, might even love her.

Steps to Overcoming Food Addiction: Setting Your Bottom Lines

An important aspect in the recovery process for any individual is in establishing a bottom line; identifying the behaviors which you will no longer take part in. It’s a limit that you set for yourself for the best chance of maintaining your sobriety.

Why Can't I Keep the Weight Off?

The U.S. National Weight Control Registry, which tracks the habits of some 5,000 successful maintainers, cites a study showing only a fifth of dieters with a history of obesity sustain a loss of 10% of their body weight for a year or more.” (Time, 2007). Why is that? Why do some of the winners from The Biggest Loser regain their weight?

What is Food Addiction?

Food addiction, a term often used synonymously with eating addiction, is an addiction to the process of eating. Food addicts become addicted to the process of overeating. Unplanned and mindless eating behaviors can also be a sign of food addiction. Treatment for food addiction is available.

Discussion on Food Addiction

Our Co-Founder, Stacey Thacker, MA, LMFT, discusses food addiction and the Lifestyle Transformation approach to treatment. 

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