A Message From the Founders

Co-Founders of Lifestyle Transformation, Michael C. Roubicek PHD, LCSW and Stacey B. Thacker, MA, LMFT

Co-Founders of Lifestyle Transformation, Michael C. Roubicek PHD, LCSW and Stacey B. Thacker, MA, LMFT

Welcome to the Lifestyle Transformation website, where you can find important information, tools, skills and support for recovering from food addiction! We’re glad you’re here!

People often ask us why we developed Lifestyle Transformation, a treatment program for food addiction. My colleague Dr. Mike Roubicek, PhD, LCSW has worked in the bariatric community for years, providing pre-surgery evaluations for people preparing for weight-loss surgery. While this surgery is, and can be, life-saving for many, he has also seen large numbers of people regain their weight and more. He saw behaviors similar to what we saw when we worked in an addiction recovery program; difficulty saying no or stopping, making promises to “not do it again” and then breaking them, preoccupation with food, secret eating, etc. He knew there HAD to be a way to help people get off the hamster wheel of addictive-eating.

When our staff went through training in sex addiction treatment, Mike kept turning to me and saying “think food”, “think food”. He was coming to realize that what we were learning about - treating process addictions (pornography, sex, electronics, gambling) - could also work for someone struggling with food addiction.

We came back from the training to start our sex addiction treatment program and saw great success. A few, short years went by and Mike returned from a conference where new, neuroscience research was shared, showing compulsive eating as an addiction on MRI scans of the brain. The prefrontal cortex of the brain is affected and that is where your will-power lives. If your prefrontal cortex is affected, so is your ability to access your willpower. It makes sense that you can’t say “no”.

He was adamant “The time is now! We know how to do this. We can help!”

So we did. We made you a program that addresses the neurobiology, teaches skills to manage food addiction, provides support and encouragement, and helps you take a look at what you may be running from with food.

Diets don’t treat addiction! Food addiction treatment treats food addiction. That is what sets our program apart from weight loss programs. We treat the addiction.

If you find it difficult to stay on a diet, to stop eating late in the evening and to put down your fork when you're not hungry anymore. If you find yourself thinking about food most of the time, then it is possible that you have an addiction. If you can relate to what I am saying, this program is for you!

So take a look around, discover our treatment process, and begin your recovery journey. Once you have your addiction under control, you can better access your willpower and be able to make healthier choices around food. You, like many others, can find joy, confidence and freedom from food addiction.

We hope to see you in Phase One soon!

- Mike Roubicek & Stacey Thacker

Lifestyle Transformation Co-Founders

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