Ready to begin your transformation?

Since 2012, Lifestyle Transformation has helped countless individuals overcome food addiction.

Learn about the underlying issues associated with food addiction, and gain the tools and skills necessary for true recovery from Stacey B. Thacker, MA, LMFT - one of the founders of Lifestyle Transformation. Discover why diets don't work, and develop a Plan of Action for the work ahead. 

Workbooks, along with other materials and exercises, are used throughout the program and are included in the program cost. Spouses/Partners may attend at no additional cost.


+ How Did We get here?

This foundational class looks at how America was 'set up' for food addiction and obesity. Knowing how and why we got here will empower you to choose a different path forward. Our history does not have to be your future.

"Don't be tempted to skip this class...I thought I knew all there was to know about Fat America. This opened my eyes to a lot."

-Transformation Graduate

Guest Speaker: Female Transformation Graduate (Testimonial + Q&A)

+ Am I Really a Food Addict?

Food addiction isn’t about calorie management, and it isn’t about willpower. Learn how overeating alters the brain, why you feel powerless to change and how every diet you've tried has actually made things worse.

"This class changed EVERYTHING for me. Understanding how my eating was affecting my brain totally empowered me to stay committed to my recovery."

-Transformation Graduate

Guest Speaker: Dr. Jeff Crane (Addiction & Love)


Heal your brain, heal your addiction. This class equips you with the best, research-driven tools and strategies, to heal your brain and start you on the path to true recovery and transformation with food.

"Hope. I finally have hope." - Transformation Graduate

Guest Speaker: Dr. Kyle Weir (Addiction Specialist)


Identifying why you eat is the only way to effectively change what, when and how much you eat. This class helps you get to the core of your emotional and situational eating triggers, and teaches you to respond differently.

"I thought I knew all the reasons why I turn to food. This was a whole other level."

-Transformation Graduate

Guest Speaker: Male Transformation Graduate (Testimonial + Q&A)


Learn what it means to define your sobriety from food addiction. Develop valuable tools and insights for your recovery using mindfulness practices, custom bottom lines, and a growth mindset.

"I thought I was going to have to be on a diet forever. I'm so glad I took this class!"

-Transformation Graduate

Guest Speaker: Dr. Mike Roubicek (Weight Loss Surgery Counselor)


Food is not the enemy. And, neither are you. Learn what it means to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and food.

"Turns out I can have my cake and eat it too! Being a lover of food doesn't have to mean I'm a prisoner to it."

-Transformation Graduate

Guest Speaker: Dr. Linda Reimer (Food Addiction Researcher)

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Phase One Class Schedule


Not ReadY to Join a Group?

Buy the SELF-GUIDED My Food Addiction Recovery Plan WORKBOOK.

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The My Food Addiction Recovery Plan workbook is designed to be a self-guided introduction to the Lifestyle Transformation treatment approach.

Over 80 pages of self-guided learning, thought-provoking journaling, and tools for developing your food addiction recovery plan.


+ What Happens After Phase One: ENGAGE?

All participants that complete Phase One will have the option to join a Phase Two Virtual Therapy Group. Phase Two focuses on deepening your recovery and setting you up for long term success on your journey to joy, confidence, and freedom from food addiction.

You will receive a Transition Packet upon completion of Phase One to assign you to a Phase Two group that best fits your individual needs. Phase Two groups meet once a week with a specially trained, licensed therapist. You will also receive all Phase Two materials via mail.

Phase Two & Three enrollment fees are $199 per month for 12 months. Paid-In-Full discounts are available.

Lifestyle Transformation is also offered in-person in nearly 25 Cities across the U.S.
Click here to see if there is a treatment location in your area.

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