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This is where the real work of recovery begins. While ENGAGE was largely educational¸ laying the basic foundation for your recovery from food addiction, IMMERSION takes a more hands-on approach and deepens your understanding and work in recovery in a group setting.

In Phase Two, you will learn more about food addiction and gain important tools for recovery. You will begin to break through the many layers of denial that has kept you stuck and learn to set good boundaries with food without deprivation. You will discover some of the underlying issues that have blocked you from a healthy relationship with food in the past and develop new ways of responding! You will find a healthier expression for the emotions that you have been “stuffing” over the years and in so doing experience a sense of personal power, accountability and freedom as your life truly becomes your own!


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+ Breaking through Denial

This first segment deals with the many facets of denial. Denial is when we avoid facing uncomfortable thoughts and feelings by reaching for food for comfort or to manage stress. This segment is designed to strengthen your recovery by helping you identify areas of denial that have kept you stuck. You will learn and implement more effective ways to manage stress and emotional pain.

+ Understanding and Overcoming Addiction

This segment serves to deepen your understanding of the addiction process. Knowledge is power and the more you understand the nature of food addiction and what is happening in your brain, the more power you will have to stop the addiction cycle!

+ Transforming My Internal Messages

In this segment you will take a look at some of the internal messages you may have about who you are and what you are capable of. When you challenge the accuracy of these messages, you can free up your capacity to find more meaning and connection in life, overcoming your addiction to food and eating in the process.

+ Lean into the Pain

We avoid emotional pain as though the pain itself is the problem. Pain is NOT the problem. Running from the pain is the problem! As food addicts, we run from pain with food. When we stop running and learn to more effectively manage our pain we can discover what is on the other side - joy, confidence and freedom from food addiction!

+ Developing a Relationship with Myself

During this segment you will come to understand how your relationship with food has kept you from having a healthy relationship with yourself. As you work on body image issues, you will come to recognize some of the powerful messages your body is trying to send you. You will also learn how to “get out of your own way” and empower yourself to get what you want out of life.

+ Transforming My Relationships

Our brains are wired for connection! We seek it, we need it, we long for it and when we can’t get it we despair. Additionally, connection helps the brain to heal from addiction. In this segment you will learn some effective tools for better communication and deeper connection.

+ Experiencing Anger in Healthy Ways

Understanding anger and how we respond to it helps us to stop “stuffing” it down with food. In this segment you will explore new ways to express anger, deal with resentments and take greater accountability for your own happiness.

+ Boundaries for Healthy Relationships

As you explore your own relational patterns, this segment will guide you through the healthy setting of boundaries in your relationships. Learn to accept what you can’t change, meet with courage that which you can and surrender that which you cannot control as you find new freedom to be you!

+ My Life in Recovery

Shore up your recovery as you review your progress, develop a Relapse Prevention Plan and put supports into place for future success as you complete the Lifestyle Transformation Treatment Program for Food Addiction!


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