what Lifestyle Transformation Graduates Have to say about Our Program, and their life After Graduation.

Before joining Lifestyle Transformation, I had pretty much given up; resigned myself to being forever fat. I had tried everything but surgery and counseling to lose weight. This program saved my life. It didn’t change my body or my weight, it changed my heart and my mind - which then empowered me to change my weight, permanently. For anyone looking to truly be healed from the struggles of weight and food, this program is for you.
— Female Graduate, 35 - Fresno, CA

For years I struggled with losing weight and gaining it all back. When I was going to become a father, I knew this was something I did not want to pass down to my kids. I was always so focused on what foods to eat, when I should eat them, and how much food to eat. I counted calories and weighed my food, and I would lose weight—for awhile. But, whenever a stressful time in life would come around, so would the weight. I was fed up with this vicious cycle.

Lifestyle Transformation helped me to focus on Why I eat, not What I eat.
— Male Graduate, 36 - Santa Clarita, CA

I now live a purposeful life instead of just reacting to life’s problems. I follow a healthy food plan. I am honest about what I eat, what I don’t eat, and why. I stay active. I relieve stress through meditation and purposeful activity. I express my needs to others and take steps to see that my needs are met. I regularly read uplifting materials and attend to my spiritual needs. I am grateful I found Lifestyle Transformation, committed to completing the program, and made changes that have greatly improved my life.
— Female Graduate, 28 - Oceanside, CA

Dieting doesn’t work. A permanent change in eating habits, activities, and attitude is necessary to overcome overeating caused by emotions, stress, anger, boredom, depression, or sheer habit. Recovery is a daily endeavor.
— Male Graduate, 41 - Bakersfield, CA

Lifestyle Transformation helped me learn to stop binge eating and overeating. It was hard work but well worth the effort. I feel good about myself, I enjoy life, and I am fit and healthy. I continue to work on connecting with others in a meaningful way. Completing the program has helped me to live a healthier and happier life.
— Female Graduate, 57 - Oakland, CA


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